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Hazel and Twig Activities

Welcome to the meadow! To celebrate the release of Hazel and Twig: The Lost Egg on March 17th, 2020, Here are some free Hazel and Twig activities for you to download and print. You can print the bookmark, paper dolls, and backdrop on cardstock or heavy photo paper. Print the outfits on regular printer paper. I recommend colored pencil for coloring the outfits, because it doesn't bleed through. If you want more outfits, just trace your paper doll's shape onto paper and draw your own-don't forget to add tabs so they stay on! 

Hazel and Twig paperdolls.jpg
paperdoll theater034.jpg

tip: print the paper dolls at 5x7" and the outfits at 8.5x11" to make the outfits fit! Fold the sides of the backdrop so it can stand up by itself.